Mercury Capital Ltd.

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Mercury Capital Ltd. - snapshot

  • ILS manager or company name: Mercury Capital Ltd.
  • Location (HQ / Domicile): Bermuda
  • Date of launch: Nov 2011
  • Assets under management *: $45 million
  • Website link: Mercury Capital Ltd. website

Mercury Capital Ltd. - Details

Company profile:

Mercury Capital Ltd is a specialist catastrophe risk manager based in Bermuda. It sources low frequency high severity insurance risk for capital market investors and focuses on generating investment opportunities with excellent risk adjusted returns for sophisticated investors.

Team size and structure:


Number of strategies (how many funds, sidecars or strategies):


Offers private managed accounts?



Mercury specialises in Industry Loss Warranties (ILW), a segment of the reinsurance market that avoids most of the data and model risk associated with Ultimate Net Loss risk transfer solutions.

Mercury manages the only index tracking fund in the sector. The MiCRIX Tracker Fund offers investors transparent exposure to a pre-defined portfolio of natural catastrophe insurance risks. The fund, representing a diversified strategy, is available either hedged or unhedged.

Mercury also offers managed accounts for investors with different portfolio requirements. These accounts may be significantly less diversified than the index fund.

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