Malta exchange approved to list insurance-linked securities

The Malta Stock Exchange has been approved by its regulators to launch an Institutional Financial Securities Market (IFSM), which would enable any insurance-linked securities (ILS) issued in the country to be listed in Malta.The IFSM will be open to issuers of securities which fall under Malta's Wholesale Securities Market rules, read the full article →

Malta VAT rule change increases reinsurance SPV efficiency

An amendment to Malta's laws that extends a value added tax (VAT) exemption to include authorised reinsurance special purpose vehicles (RSPV's) set up in Malta will help to ensure the islands insurance-linked securities (ILS) framework is as attractive as possible to potential registrants of such vehicles.Efficiency is key in the read the full article →

Malta completes its Securitisation Cell Company regs, ready for ILS

Malta, a domicile targeting the insurance-linked securities (ILS), catastrophe bond and reinsurance convergence sector, has now completed its Securitisation Cell Company regulations which bring together the special purpose reinsurer concept with protected cells.Malta launched its ambitions to become a domicile for the ILS and cat bond sector in 2013, before read the full article →

Malta ready to host ILS and catastrophe bond issuers

Malta is now ready to act as a domicile for insurance-linked securities (ILS) and catastrophe bond issuers after regulations governing the formation and domicile of Reinsurance Special Purpose Vehicles (RSPV) were finalised and came into law.The new law came into effect on the 27th December when the regulations were published read the full article →