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Alpha Growth & SL Investment Mgmt join for life settlements fund

Financial advisory business Alpha Growth plc said today that it has signed a joint venture agreement with established life settlements specialist SL Investment Management that will see the pair launching a new life settlements fund strategy.SL Investment Management (SLIM) has been in the longevity risks and life settlements investing space read the full article →

Trident Risk Strategies launches Longevity Shortfall for life portfolios

Trident Risk Strategies has launched a new product called Longevity Shortfall, which provides a portfolio wrap and closeout insurance cover for newly originated and medically underwritten collateralized senior life settlement portfolios.The question of whether life settlements fit within the insurance-linked securities (ILS) universe is one we've covered recently here.The life read the full article →

Hurdles to overcome before ILS managers embrace life settlements

Life settlements seemingly belong to the insurance-linked investment landscape, meaning that ILS fund managers should be major players in the market, but research into the asset class shows that there are hurdles to overcome before ILS managers invest meaningfully.The opportunity to invest in a diversified, insurance-linked and largely uncorrelated asset read the full article →

New protected ILS / LDI investment launched by Dragon Fire Capital

A new insurance-linked investment product has been launched by global alternative investment manager Dragon Fire Capital. The product sits at the convergence of insurance-linked securities (ILS) and liability-driven investments (LDI), providing tailored relatively uncorrelated returns.Dragon Fire Capital aims to "innovate at the convergence of ILS and LDI", with life insurance read the full article →

Life settlement sales drop nearly 50% in 2010

We don't write about life settlements often on Artemis, part of the reason being that we are most interested in life settlement securitization, an area which hasn't seen a huge amount of activity or news lately. We are aware that a good percentage of our readers have an interest in read the full article →

AIG struggling to issue life settlement securitization

According to the Wall Street Journal, AIG have recently been seeking to sell notes from a new life settlement securitization to investors but have been facing difficulties getting interest from investors who view these types of insurance-linked securitization deals as risky.From the WSJ article it seems that AIG have been read the full article →

PDL International creates life settlements portfolio service

The life settlements investment market has had some criticism over the last few months after regulators comments and the introduction of a new code of practice from the European Life Settlement Association (ELSA) drew attention to the asset class. Now PDL International is seeking to address those concerns.They've created a read the full article →