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Regulation to drive contingent capital use in re/insurance: Moody’s

Rating agency Moody's Investors Service expects that use of contingent capital securities, including contingent convertibles (CoCo's) by insurance and reinsurance companies will increase as they are set to be considered as regulatory-efficient capital.Contingent capital securities and contingent convertibles have been used by banks and financial companies as a way to read the full article →

Germany clears way for more contingent convertibles (CoCo’s)

The German finance ministry has given the countries banks a green light to pursue the issuance of contingent convertible bonds, or CoCo's, and other contingent capital deals as it clarified the instruments tax treatment.A report from Reuters states that the German finance ministry has agreed that banks issuing contingent convertibles read the full article →

Swiss Re looks to increase use of contingent capital

Contingent capital is an alternative form of capital or financing which can be triggered and made available under certain, specific pre-defined circumstances. It's becoming a flexible way for companies to arrange a source of financing which is made available at precisely the times they need it. In the case of read the full article →