Further reading on ILS, cat bonds and reinsurance capital

A selection of articles on insurance-linked securities (ILS), catastrophe bonds, alternative reinsurance capital and other topics which are either more technical papers or do not fit within our other library categories.

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? 
Bermuda: Re & ILS Sep 2013

The Trouble with Catastrophe Bonds 
Bloomberg Business Week Magazine Apr 2011

Owner of Tokyo Disneyland Sells earthquake bonds  
Asia Times Online Apr 1999

Pennies from Heaven 
Mother Jones Sep 1998

The Potential Role of Government in Financing Catastrophic Risk 
Ernst & Young LLP Economics Apr 1998

Estimating  the Value of the WINCAT Coupons of the Winterthur Insurance Convertible  Bond: A Study of the Model Risk  
Uwe Schmock

Homogenizing Catastrophe Risk: An Overview of Catastrophe Indices 
Bruce Thomas

Risk Load and the Default Rate of Surplus  
Centre Solutions LLC

Tail Estimation and Catastrophe Security Pricing: Can We Tell What Target We Hit if We Are Shooting in the Dark? 
The Wharton School

Index Hedge Performance: Bootstrap Study of Hurricane Fran 
Xin Cao and Bruce Thomas


Estimating the Value of the WinCAT Coupons: A Study of the Model Risk 
Uwe Schmock

Sharing the Risk: Northridge and the Financial Sector  
Department of Economics Haas School of Business - Thomas RusselI & Dwight M. Jaffee

Two for the Money 
Journal of Accountancy Nov 1999

ARTWork Edition 2 

ARTWork Edition 3 

Financial Markets and Financial Intermediaries: The Case of Catastrophe Insurance 
Prof. Dwight M. Jaffee, Haas School of Business, Prof. Thomas Russell, Leavey School of Business Jan 1999

Hidden Linkages: Risk Management, Financial Markets, and Insurance 
Contingencies Nov 2000

Smoothing Weather Losses: A Two-Sided Percentile Model 
Curtis Gary Dean, David N. Hafling, Mark S. Wenger, and William F. Wilson

Pricing Multiple Triggers - An Electifying Example 
Lawrence M. Schober

ARTWork Edition 4 

ARTWork Edition 5 

Keeping an eye on interruption risk 
New Solutions Dec 2000

Portfolio based pricing of residual basis risk 
Sergei Esipov and Dajiang Guo

Pricing Strategies for Multi-line Multi-year Policies 
CAS Financial Risk Management Seminar Apr 1999

Program Design and Pricing Options for Integrated Risk Policies 
Casualty Actuarial Society Apr 1999

Regulating Onshore Special Purpose Reinsurance Vehicles 
Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research, Georgia State University May 2001

The Role of Catastrophe Modeling in Alternative Risk Transfer 
Beverly Porter and S. Ming Lee 2002

Evaluating Catastrophe Risk Transfer Alternatives Through Dynamic Financial Analysis 
Nathan Schwartz & Laura Esboldt

Hedging Catastrophe Risk Using Index-Based Reinsurance Instruments 
Lixin Zeng Mar 2003

Cross-sector risk transfers 
Financial Services Authority May 2002

Securitized Risk Instruments as Alternative Pension Fund Investments 
The Wharton School Jun 2005

Can Security Markets Save the Private Catastrophe Insurance Market? 
"Prof. Dwight M. Jaffee Haas School of Business " May 1998

An Empirical Analysis of Catastrophe-linked Security Markets: Evidence from PCS Call Spread Options Traded at CBOT 
Yiguo Sun Apr 2002

Onshore Special Purpose Reinsurance Vehicles: A Public Policy Evaluation 
Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research, Georgia State University Jun 2000

Taking CAT Risks to the Next Advancement 
CanadianUnderwriter.ca Feb 2004

Optimizing Return on Capital Employed on Risk Transfer 
Marsh & McLennan Companies

How CDOs can make excess capital productive 
Guy Carpenter Jan 2008

The Evolving Regulatory Profile of Catastrophe Models 
Air Worldwide Mar 2008

Statistical Analysis of the Spreads of Catastrophe Bonds at the Time of Issue 
Dimitris Papachristou

Convergence of Insurance & Financial Markets: Hybrid and Securitized Risk Transfer Solutions  
The journal of Risk and Insurance - J. David Cummins, Mary A. Weiss 2009

Indexing Catastrophe Securities 
S. Hun Seog, Jangkoo Kang Jan 2008

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Capital Markets

Credit Suisse Insurance Linked Strategies
Twelve Capital