Catastrophe bond & insurance-linked securities (ILS) reading and research

This section contains a selection of articles and papers discussing catastrophe bonds and insurance-linked securities, including catastrophe bond research, insurance linked security (ILS) research as well as cat bond and ILS papers.

We have a separate section which details many of the catastrophe bond and ILS market reports from reinsurance brokers and other market participants.

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If you're interested in catastrophe bonds and Iinsurance-linked securities transactions you should visit the Artemis Deal Directory. It lists all the publicly known catastrophe bond & insurance-linked security transactions since the markets inception. The Directory contains details on more than 300 cat bond and ILS deals.

Catastrophe bond & ILS news and articles from Artemis

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Catastrophe bonds and insurance-linked securities research & reports

Cat Bond v Traditional Reinsurance Chart 
Guy Carpenter Sep 2008

Looking forward, looking back - in-depth examination of ILS 
Lane Financial Jan 2010

Exploring the Isles ILS 
Lane Financial Oct 2011

The Fundementals of ILS 
Swiss Re

Catastrophe Risk Management - Implications of Default Risk and Basis Risk 
Andreas Richter May 2002

Sovereign Cat Bonds and Infrastructure Project Financing 
The Wharton School

Managing Catastrophe Risk 
Wharton Center for Risk Management and Decision Processes

Will Catastrophe Bonds Wipe Out Pensions? 
Bloomberg Oct 2013

House Committee on Financial Services: Hearing entitled 'Catastrophe Bonds: Spreading Risk' 
Committee on Financial Services Oct 2002

Catastrophe Risk Bonds 
Georgia State University Nov 1997

Alternative Risk Transfer Structuring and Efficacy 
Vimit Kapoor, Puneet Singh

Improving Risk Allocation Through Cat Bonds 
Hamburg University - Working Papers on Risk and Insurance Nov 2002

ILS - A niche market expanding 
Deutsche Bank Research Oct 2010

Financial Innovation in the Management of Catastrophe Risk 
The Wharton School Dec 1997

ILS Comes of Age Structured Products on the Horizon 
Guy Carpenter Jan 2008

The Risk Implications of Insurance Securitization: Do Catastrophe Bonds Lower the Default Risk of Issuers? 
Bjoern Hagendorff, Jens Hagendorff, Kevin Keasey Nov 2011

The Market for Catastrophe Risk: A clinical examination 
National Bureau of Economic Research Feb 2001

El Nino Buoys Catastrophe Bonds As Hurricane Season Ends 
By Marc Hochstein and Ross A. Snel

Customizing Reinsurance and Cat Bonds for Natural Hazard Risks 
David C. Croson, Howard C. Kunreuther

Territorial Diversification of Catastrophe Bonds  
Risk Management Solutions Ltd Feb 2001

Insuring California Earthquakes and the Role of Catastrophe Bonds 
Jose S. Penalva Zuasti Feb 2001

Cat Bonds Persevere 
Frontiers of Risk Magazine Jan 2009

So You Want to Issue a Cat Bond 
Air Worldwide Feb 2012

A Catastrophe Bond Niche: Multiple Event Risk 
Risk Management Solutions Ltd Feb 2004

Using Catastrophe-Linked Securities to Diversify Insurance Risk: A Financial Analysis of Cat Bonds 
Journal of Insurance 1999

Unlocking the Potential of ILS 
PWC - Bermuda 2012

The CAT's are out of the bag 
Business Week 1998

An Introduction to Cat Bonds 
Fixed-Income Specialist Jul 2012

Insurance Linked Securities – A Market Primer 
Brookvine Feb 2010

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Capital Markets

Credit Suisse Insurance Linked Strategies
Twelve Capital