Sirius Capital Markets

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Sirius Capital Markets - Snapshot:

  • ILS manager or company name: Sirius Capital Markets
  • Location (HQ / Domicile): New York and Bermuda
  • Date of launch: May 2013
  • Assets under management *: ?
  • Website link: Sirius Capital Markets website

Sirius Capital Markets - Details

Company profile:

Sirius Capital Markets – part of the Sirius Group, a White Mountains Company. Sirius Capital Markets (SCM) was formed in 2013 to lead the Sirius Group’s strategic initiative in the (re)insurance and risk-linked securities convergence arena. SCM seeks to provide investors access to returns derived from catastrophe-related insurance and reinsurance exposure.

Team size and structure:

The core SCM team is presently composed of four dedicated staff employed by and exclusive to the Sirius Capital Markets initiative. This dedicated team includes two who serve as portfolio managers; a third individual serving as senior catastrophe modeler and associate portfolio manager; and a fourth in the role of Chief Compliance Officer and Assoc General Counsel.

In addition, to its dedicated and independent team, SCM relies in part on and leverages its relationship with Sirius Group in modeling risk to complement the experience and efforts of SCM and its dedicated key personnel. This additional modeling capability expands the team by three additional persons. Additional accounting, legal and other administrative support is provided in part through service agreements with affiliates.

Number of strategies (how many funds, sidecars or strategies):

Presently managing the first of two separate planned (re)insurance and risk-linked strategies.

Offers private managed accounts?



SCM manages accounts on whose behalf it does and will transact in collateralized reinsurance and retrocessional contracts, and risk linked securities, including, e.g., first, second and subsequent event coverages, aggregate and stop loss coverages, RPPs, ILWs, cat bonds, principal at risk event linked notes, and related swaps and derivatives linked to property catastrophe exposures.

As an affiliate of Sirius Group, SCM will have access to and rely in part on the resources of the group, leveraging its market access, expertise, heritage, and proprietary modeling tools and processes in furtherance of its investment strategies – yet with a dedicated investment team that is subject to independent investment and underwriting guidelines, and that manages and maintains an independent investor-focused perspective.


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