Merion Square Capital LLC

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Merion Square Capital LLC - Snapshot:

  • ILS manager or company name: Merion Square Capital LLC
  • Location (HQ / Domicile): Pennsylvania
  • Date of launch: Dec 2018
  • Assets under management: $150m
  • Website link: Merion Square Capital LLC website

Merion Square Capital LLC - Details

Company profile:

Founded in 2018, Merion Square Capital LLC is a joint venture partnership between Rewire Holdings LLC and Vida Capital LLC to form an alternative investment manager focused on insurance-linked strategies with respect to Property & Casualty insurance, annuities and mortality-based insurance.

The firm leverages the core competencies of both parties, combining Rewire’s experience in the origination, underwriting, pricing, structuring, and syndication of insurance risk with Vida’s track record and experience as a dedicated institutional insurance focused asset manager.

Team size and structure:
Rewire Securities LLC, a fully owned subsidiary of Rewire Holdings LLC, is an independent U.S. broker-dealer focused on insurance risk. Since 2015, Rewire has originated, structured and placed over USD $2 billion of insurance-linked securities notional, comprising of property and casualty, annuities and mortality-based insurance risk to many of the current institutional investors of the insurance-linked securities market. Founded in 2009, Vida Capital is a USD $3.6 billion-dollar alternative asset management firm specializing in non-correlated investment strategies. Vida manages capital on behalf of leading pension plans, insurance companies, endowments & foundations, family offices, and registered investment advisers in both evergreen and closed-end fund structures. Merion Square Capital LLC is managed by a team of 3 experienced ILS executives.

Utilising an open-ended fund structure, Merion Square Capital LLC will primarily invest in insurance-linked securities with an emphasis on Property and Casualty insurance, annuities and mortality-related products.


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