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LGT ILS Partners Ltd. - Snapshot:

  • ILS manager or company name: LGT ILS Partners Ltd.
  • Location (HQ / Domicile): Pfaeffikon, Switzerland
  • Date of launch: May 2001 (LGT as from June 2012)
  • Assets under management: $7.9 billion (AuM as at June 30th 2018, includes both direct ILS investments and ILS multi-manager solutions)
  • Website link: LGT ILS Partners Ltd. website

LGT ILS Partners Ltd. - Details

Company profile:

LGT ILS Partners is part of LGT Capital Partners, an alternative investment specialist with more than USD 55 billion in assets under management. LGT Capital Partners manages a wide range of investment programs focused on private markets, liquid alternatives such as insurance-linked strategies, as well as multi-asset class solutions.

LGT ILS Partners and LGT Capital Partners are both part of LGT Group, a global wealth and asset management firm with more than 3,100 employees in over 20 locations across Europe, Asia and the Americas, and managing assets of over USD 180 billion. LGT ILS Partners is owned by LGT Group and the four Partners/Portfolio Managers (Michael Stahel, Christian Bruns, Hilary Paul and Pascal Koller).

As of June 30th 2018, LGT Group manages a total of USD 7.9bn in insurance-linked strategies which includes both direct ILS investments and ILS multi-manager solutions: LGT ILS Partners manages USD 5.4bn of direct ILS investments, making it one of the largest ILS managers worldwide. LGT Group’s ILS multi-manager offering (which is managed by a separate team) totals USD 2.5bn.

In December 2017, LGT ILS Partners obtained an “A/excellent” rating from AM Best for their in-house fronter/transformer “Lumen Re Ltd.” (formerly named “Collateralised Re Ltd.”), a Bermuda-based Class 3A commercial reinsurer. The carrier is used exclusively by LGT ILS Partners to transact collateralized reinsurance on behalf of their funds and mandates.

Team size and structure:
As of June 30th 2018, LGT ILS Partners consists of 20 Investment professionals. All non-investment related activities such as distribution, product management, IT support etc. are provided by specialized units within LGT Capital Partners, the asset management arm of LGT Group.
Number of strategies (how many funds, sidecars or strategies):

As of June 30th 2018, LGT ILS Partners manages 7 open-ended funds and a number of customized mandates.

Offers private managed accounts?


Other offices or locations:

LGT Group has a global presence with 20+ offices worldwide


LGT ILS Partners’ offering ranges from liquid (UCITS compliant) cat bond funds to ILS portfolios with a strong focus on collateralized reinsurance.
Each portfolio has a clearly set risk budget which is defined by a set of parameters (e.g. expected loss, max. exposure per peril etc.).

LGT ILS Partners believes that compared to a “constant return approach”, keeping the risk profile constant over time generates more stable returns in the long run and at the same time provides a high level of transparency for investors.


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