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AXA Investment Managers Paris - Snapshot:

  • ILS manager or company name: AXA Investment Managers Paris
  • Location (HQ / Domicile): Paris, France
  • Date of launch: Sep 2007
  • Assets under management: $1.040 billion (as at December 31st 2017)
  • Website link: AXA Investment Managers Paris website

AXA Investment Managers Paris - Details

Company profile:

The ILS strategies are managed by the ILS team based in Paris, France. The ILS team is a dedicated team focused on analysing and investing in the full spectrum of ILS globally.

The team is part of the wider AXA Structured Finance (AXA SF) division of AXA IM, a key participant in asset backed securities, ILS and leveraged loan instruments. Established in 2000, AXA Structured Finance is one of the largest structured finance platforms in Europe, managing €37 billion of assets under management, as at 31/12/2017.

Team size and structure:
More than 50 dedicated staff located in Paris. Within AXA SF, the ILS team includes: - 1 Head of ILS team - 2 Portfolio Managers / Analysts - 2 Quantitative Analysts – 1 Portfolio Manager Assistant – 1 data analyst – 2 traders – 5 structurers – 1 dedicated IT developer – 1 portfolio controller. The team leverages on AXA IM’s shared functions (risk management: 2 dedicated risk managers, legal: 4 dedicated lawyers, IT support: 15 specialists, etc.). The ILS team also relies on the inputs from three teams within its parent company, the AXA Group: AXA Group Risk Management, AXA Global Re, in terms of modelling and research capacities.
Number of strategies (how many funds, sidecars or strategies):


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Through AXA SF’s affiliation with one of the largest insurance companies in the world – AXA Group – the ILS team is at the crossroads of the capital markets and insurance markets. This is an advantageous position for managing investments in ILS where knowledge of both markets is required to be able to correctly assess these securities.

The ILS team benefits from the strong on-going support of the AXA Group thanks to two specialized teams: AXA Group’s Risk Management (“GRM”) department provides invaluable assistance in terms of modelling and research capacities. This is formalized with an advisory agreement and through weekly meetings. AXA Global P&C and Global Life, the subsidiary of the AXA Group in charge of relationships with reinsurance companies enables the team to collect information on reinsurance market trends.

In order to avoid any conflict of interest, the ILS team’s relationship with the AXA Group is strictly limited to obtaining modelling and market information. All investment decisions are made exclusively by the ILS team. Moreover, the ILS team’s portfolios do not include any AXA insurance risk.

As at December end 2017, our ILS track record has shown a consistently attractive risk/return over the years, with more than 30% cumulative net return on our lower risk strategy, since inception in 2010, while our higher risk strategy generated close to 60% cumulative net return, since inception in 2011. Our strategy, that sits in between the above mentioned strategies, has performed more than 7% since inception in 2014.

AuM development:

2008: $300 million, 2009: €50 million, 2010: $118 million, 2011: $181 million, 2012: $284 million, 2013: $432 million, 2014: $506 million, 2015: $551 million, 2016: $545 million, 2017: $1.040 billion


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Source: AXA Investment Managers Paris.

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