Website, Digital and Online Marketing Services

Note: the information below is reproduced in a better, more readable format on my new consultancy website.

During the 15 years I have been working in and running online businesses (around 9 years of which was within the reinsurance and financial services industries) I’ve gained a vast amount of experience in how best to approach the digital medium and how to optimise your web presence to better serve you and deliver a good return on your investment. Now, for the first time I am available on a consultancy basis to help you take your internet presence to the next level. Perhaps you don’t even have a website yet and just want someone to come in to your business and tell you honestly what to do or whether it’s even right for you? Or maybe your existing site isn’t delivering and you’d like a professional eye cast over it? I’m happy to look at any and all consultancy opportunities.

I have a large number of connections ranging from some of the best freelance designers and developers in the world, great marketers, branding specialists to full service agencies who I can call on to assist in any larger projects. So you can contact me no matter how big or small a project may be.

I’m happy to be contacted about absolutely any internet/online/digital – projects/problems/enquiries. If I can’t help you myself I most likely know someone I can refer you to. Here’s a list of some of the areas I can help you with and why.

Digital / web consulting

A generic term that means I’ll work with you to define a strategy for how your business can leverage the web to increase sales, enquiries or just to better promote yourselves. I specialise in taking a holistic view of your online approach and defining a program of improvements and amendments to help you get a better return on investment from your website and online marketing.

Social media consulting

The latest buzz word and an area that is misunderstood amongst the financial services industry. How many of you think a presence on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook could help your brand and even increase your sales? I bet not many. Social media is an amazing way to engage with your audience, customers and potential customers. It’s only going to grow in importance too so drop me a line if you want to understand more.

It’s also worth considering what people are saying about you on the internet on forums, social networks, blogs and other sites. I can help you set up monitoring tools which will allow you to keep an eye on the conversations and actively engage with them. Here’s a great example of how important social media is from Post Magazine and this sector is only going to get more important as more and more conversation and customer feedback moves to social networks. Social media is also one of the most cost effective ways to raise your brands profile on the internet and attract new customer enquiries.

User experience & conversion rate enhancement

How easy to use is your website? Is it designed with usability in mind? If not then you are missing a trick. I specialise in ensuring your website is as usable as possible. From having the right design, layout and functionality to ensuring that it uses the right wording, I can help you improve the rate of conversion (whether that is contacts, sales or even downloads of your brochures).


I can arrange website hosting at reasonable rates and on reliable infrastructure. Contact me with any hosting queries.

Website design, development and build

Need a new website? Not happy with your current one? I am happy to take on all projects big or small and with my network of design and development partners we can deliver anything from the most basic websites to full ecommerce trading platforms.

I specialise in delivering websites that you can update yourself using sophisticated content management systems.

Website maintenance

Already got a website? Not able to update it yourself or paying a fortune to an agency who does it for you? I can help you keep your website looking fresh and up to date. I can also train you and your staff to update most websites yourself.

Content strategy

Content is so important. If it’s not up to date it doesn’t give your visitors confidence. If it’s not the right content it can leave a lasting bad impression. I can help you devise a strategy to keep your website up to date. I also specialise in helping you write great, engaging content that will portray your brand and service offering the way you want it to be perceived.

Web analytics

Do you know who visits your website? Do you know what they do there? Do you know how they get there? Analytics are vital to help you understand how your website is used. It’s so simple and so many free tools are available. I can help you get more from your analytics by training you to interpret them properly. Or if you don’t have any analytics I can help you by installing the right code to give you the data you need.

Online marketing services

There are so many options available to market your services online. I can help you understand and use the latest techniques to gain a higher profile on the internet for your business.


Adding a blog to your website and then committing to write new, fresh content for it is a great way to engage with your customers. You can demonstrate your experience and breadth of knowledge by writing about your sector, keep them up to date on the company and add value by explaining why your products work. Blogs are also a great way to drive extra visitors to your site through search engines and improved content. I can help you set up a blog, help you update it (or just teach you how to), train your staff on the topics to write or even help you write articles for it.


Search Engine Optimisation. The practice of ensuring your website is well positioned in search engines such as Google and Bing and getting maximum value by making sure your brand is highly visible in the search results. This isn’t rocket science! Some people will try to charge you a small fortune and promise you amazing (and often unrealistic) results. I can help you with pragmatic and actionable advice to improve your visibility in the major search engines. Visitors referred from search engines cost you nothing so this is one area worth investing in!


Pay-per-click or paid search is the practice of paying to advertise your website and services on search engines such as Google (you know the sponsored links on the right hand side). This is a great addition to a marketing strategy and I can help you understand how to benefit from this and how to implement a strategy. I have experience of managing paid search campaigns worth many thousands of dollars and a great track record at achieving a good return on investment.

Email marketing

Hopefully you will have seen the Artemis email newsletter (if not sign up here)? Offering a regular email update to your customers (and potential customers) is a great way to keep them updated with your services and what’s happening in your business and industry. You’d be amazed what response an email newsletter can have. I can help you plan, set up and distribute email newsletters to your customers.

So, that’s a lot of services and some of the terms used above can be a little overwhelming to those not experienced in e-business. If you just want to have a chat to see what I can do to help you then I’m more than happy to discuss either by email or phone.

I’m more than happy to simply review your website and make recommendations for further actions based on my findings. Reviews are undertaken from your customers viewpoint and I will take the time to understand your offering and customer profile first. I offer very competitive rates for website reviews and will give you an honest, warts and all assessment of your website and online marketing with actionable ideas to improve their effectiveness. Then you can hire me to help you implement the recommendations or just take them away to your usual agencies to action. Sometimes it’s good to get an independent view of your online presence, especially from someone who understands your marketplace.

If you have stumbled across this page and you are in another industry feel free to get in touch. I have a wealth of experience in ecommerce, website builds and online marketing in many B2B and B2C industries and am happy to discuss your needs.