Hedge fund strategy reinsurer Till Capital to seek U.S. listing

by Artemis on November 25, 2014

Bermuda domiciled hedge fund style reinsurance and hybrid investment platform Till Capital Ltd. intends to pursue a listing on a U.S. securities exchange, as it seeks to increase the visibility and liquidity of its shares.

Till Capital emerged out of the coming together of hedge fund strategy reinsurance firm Resource Holdings, resource royalties focused Americas Bullion Royalty Corp. and Bill Lupien’s hedge fund Kudu Partners L.P. The resulting firm has been set up and structured using a Bermuda Class 3A reinsurer, named Resource Re Ltd., in order to produce underwriting profits while seeking to outperform on the asset management side of the business as well.

Till Capital listed its shares on the TSX Venture Exchange in Toronto earlier this year, but now it is seeking a listing on a U.S. exchange as it looks to generate greater interest and more liquidity in its shares.

Till Capital has filed a registration statement to be recognised as a Foreign reporting Issuer in the United States with the U.S. SEC, as the first step in its goal of attaining a U.S. exchange listing.

The firm expects that achieving a listing on a U.S. exchange will help its shares to gain greater visibility and liquidity of its shares. In essence this means that the shares will gain greater exposure to a larger pool of potential capital and investors, which should help it to increase trading and achieve improved book value of its shares.

Till Capital says that it intends to pursue a listing in the U.S. and that its registration with the SEC should become effective in the first-half of 2015.

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