Tropical storm Gabrielle forms in Caribbean, no threat to U.S.

by Artemis on September 5, 2013

The seventh named tropical storm of the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season has formed in the Caribbean. Yesterday a tropical depression intensified into tropical storm Gabrielle, which currently sits close to Puerto Rico and is forecast to pass between it and the Dominican Republic.

Tropical storm Gabrielle has maximum sustained winds of 40mph currently, with some slight strengthening possible but the landmasses it passes close to will stop any rapid intensification for this storm.

Gabrielle is forecast to turn north between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic affecting both islands with heavy rainfall and strong tropical storm force winds, before turning gradually towards the northeast. At this point there could be a slight threat to Bermuda, tropical storm Gabrielle may become the first storm to come close to the island this season.

There is no expected threat to the U.S. from tropical storm Gabrielle, the storm is expected to move northeast into the Atlantic and become extratropical after it has passed to the south of Bermuda.

The tropics are beginning to look more ripe for development of storms, there are some other low pressure areas currently but none are expected to develop at this time, but dry air continues to hinder storm intensification. However, conditions do continue to get a little more conducive for development over the next few weeks.

Should the forecast change significantly, or tropical storm Gabrielle’s path take it near to Bermuda, we will update you. You can see the position and forecast path (or track) of tropical storm Gabrielle below. You can also track Gabrielle on our 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season page.

Tropical storm Gabrielle forecast path / track

Tropical storm Gabrielle forecast path / track

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