Hurricane Rafael to buffet Bermuda with tropical storm force winds

by Artemis on October 16, 2012

Category one hurricane Rafael, the 17th Atlantic tropical storm of the season and packing maximum sustained winds of 85mph, is accelerating northwards towards Bermuda. Rafael is expected to pass just to the east of the island, later this afternoon and while the hurricane keeps that course impact should be minimal. Readers on Bermuda can expect some pretty inclement weather though, as Rafael is a large storm with tropical storm force winds extending a long way beyond the center.

The current track for Rafael see’s the hurricane passing approximately 150 miles to the east of Bermuda. Rafael has hurricane force winds extending 45 miles out from the center and tropical storm force winds extending as much as 205 miles. That means that any movement west bringing the storm closer to the island of Bermuda will result in worsening weather conditions for the island.

Rainfall accumulations of 2 to 4 inches are expected across much of Bermuda as Rafael passes and tropical storm force winds should be felt by late afternoon.

Bermuda has followed the U.S. in escaping the impacts of the hurricane season once again in 2012. We’ll update you should Rafael’s track change dramatically, although that is not expected to occur. You can see hurricane Rafael’s current position below.

Hurricane Rafael forecast path/track

Hurricane Rafael forecast path/track

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