Second Atlantic tropical storm, Beryl, forecast to make landfall on U.S. coastline

by Artemis on May 26, 2012

The 2012 Atlantic tropical storm and hurricane season is already proving to be unusual and it hasn’t officially started yet. The hurricane season officially begins on the 1st of June and yet currently in the Atlantic sub-tropical storm Beryl is making a steady path towards the U.S. coastline as the second tropical storm of the 2012 Atlantic season. For an update on tropical storm Beryl just prior to landfall see the foot of this article.

Sub-tropical storm Beryl formed north of the line where storms are either categorised as tropical (formed within the tropics) or sub-tropical (formed outside the tropics). Currently tropical storm Beryl is heading for the north Florida, South Carolina border area coastline and is forecast to make landfall in the early hours of Monday morning. Tropical storm Beryl currently has maximum sustained winds of 45mph but some strengthening is forecast before Beryl makes landfall.

According to forecasters it is unlikely that we’ll see a hurricane Beryl as the conditions don’t look right for that much intensification of the storm before landfall, however it can’t be ruled out completely as a possibility. Beryl threatens to bring some heavy rainfall and a small storm surge with her and will be an early reminder for those on the U.S. coastline and for the reinsurance industry that the U.S. Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on the 1st of June.

You can see tropical storm Beryl’s current position and forecast path below and you can see more detailed information on Beryl and the season on our dedicated 2012 Atlantic hurricane season page.

Tropical storm Beryl forecast path

Tropical storm Beryl forecast path

Update 1:

Tropical storm Beryl is just about to make landfall on the coast of northern Florida near to Jacksonville. Beryl has strengthened to not far below hurricane force winds and currently has maximum sustained winds of 65mph. It is unlikely Beryl will achieve hurricane status however and it is more likely that the storm will begin to weaken as it approaches landfall. Tropical storm Beryl will certainly give residents in the coastal area it comes ashore an early reminder of the power of hurricane season and insurers will likely see some small losses due to wind damage and possibly from flooding due to rainfall.

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