Recent and upcoming catastrophe bond maturities

by Artemis on March 27, 2012

As securities go, catastrophe bonds and insurance-linked securities are relatively short duration, with an average lifespan of three years. This means that while new issuance flows into the market there is a constant stream of transactions maturing, coming off risk and freeing up investor capital allowing it to be deployed into the new transactions. A number of cat bonds have either recently matured or are due to mature over the next few months.

Here’s a list of some recently matured catastrophe bonds along with some which mature over the next few months. At just over $1.6 billion it’s not a massive amount of capital to mature (compared to the quarterly maturities experienced last year) and with issuance in the primary cat bond market expected to keep flowing there should be plenty of opportunity for investors to redeploy this capital into new cat bond and ILS transactions.

As ever you can view full details of every catastrophe bond since the market began in our comprehensive Deal Directory.

Cat Bond Sponsor Size Maturity
East Lane Re III Ltd. Chubb $150m 16th March 2012
Mystic Re II Ltd. Liberty Mutual $150m 20th March 2012
Eurus II Ltd. Hannover Re €150m 6th April 2012
Blue Fin Ltd. (Series 1) Allianz $290m 10th April 2012
Blue Fin Ltd. (Series 2) Allianz $180m 16th April 2012
Ibis Re Ltd. (Series 2009-1) Assurant $150m 10th May 2012
Residential Reinsurance 2009 Ltd. USAA $250m 6th June 2012
Calabash Re III Ltd. ACE $100m 15th June 2012
Ianus Capital Ltd. Munich Re €50m June 2012

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