Nate, Maria & Katia: Atlantic hurricane and tropical storm update

by Artemis on September 8, 2011

The 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season is really beginning to hot up and there are currently three named storms to keep an eye on. Similar to last year though, it’s hard to tell what, if any real impact they will have on the U.S. The 2011 season is certainly proving to be very active, as had been forecasted, with 14 named storms so far.

Hurricane Katia

Hurricane Katia has now turned towards the north between Bermuda and the U.S. The storm is still carrying 90mph sustained winds but is destined to begin to weaken over the next few days. A gradual turn towards the northeast is likely which will take Katia away from the U.S. and Canada. Large waves are likely to affect Bermuda and some of the U.S. east coast. It now seems that the biggest threat Katia could pose will be some awful weather in the UK early next week as the storms tail end could cross northern Europe in a much weakened state. Katia’s current position can be seen below:

Hurricane Katia forecast path

Hurricane Katia forecast path

Tropical Storm Maria

Next we have tropical storm Maria, currently out in the Atlantic to the east of the leeward islands. Maria currently has sustained winds of 50mph, little change in strength is expected for the next couple of days as tropical storm Maria moves westwards but she is eventually forecast to reach hurricane status.

Maria’s forecast path shows her interacting with some Caribbean islands, most likely as a strong tropical storm, and then heading towards the Bahamas. She is forecast to stay north of the Bahamas and strengthen into a hurricane at which time some forecast models show her curving northwards on a similar track to Katia. There is some uncertainty about whether she will recurve in this way though as if there is sufficient high pressure over Bermuda that could push her farther west towards the U.S. coast. Maria’s position can be seen below.

Tropical storm Maria forecast path

Tropical storm Maria forecast path

Tropical Storm Nate

And finally we have tropical storm Nate which formed yesterday in the eastern Bay of Campeche near Mexico. Nate is moving very slowly but is forecast to intensify into a hurricane before making landfall on the Mexican coastline. There is a small chance Nate could move further north according to some forecast models bringing the storm closer to the U.S. coast. Nate’s position and forecast path can be seen below.

Tropical storm Nate forecast path

Tropical storm Nate forecast path

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