Tropical storm Emily forms in Caribbean, could threaten Florida

by Artemis on August 2, 2011

The fifth named tropical storm of the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season has formed in the eastern Caribbean sea. Tropical storm Emily is moving westward carrying winds of 40mph but is forecast to strengthen as the storm makes its way across the Caribbean.

How powerful Emily will get is very hard to say as the storm is expected to cross Haiti and a number of other islands which could hinder development. Right now though, the model consensus has Emily getting very close to Florida at hurricane strength. There’s a lot of room for error with this storm though as Emily could take a more southerly track into the Gulf of Mexico, or the storm could recurve and miss Florida.

Here’s the latest tracking map for Emily, a tropical storm that it is definitely worth keeping your eye on. We will update you as and when tropical storm Emily strengthens further.

Tropical storm Emily

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