Blue Fin Ltd. Series 4 admitted to Cayman Islands Stock Exchange

by Artemis on April 18, 2011

The latest catastrophe bond issuance by Allianz under their Blue Fin Ltd. SPV was admitted on completion to the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange on Friday. As we wrote last week, Allianz were seeking to issue a further $40m of catastrophe bonds under the Blue Fin program to provide them with additional aggregate protection for U.S. hurricanes and earthquakes.

Blue Fin Ltd. Series 4 extends the level of aggregate cover that Allianz receives from cat bonds, adding to the $60m of Series 3 aggregate notes they issued last year. The new notes run for the same term as those issued last year with maturity expected at the end of May 2013.

We haven’t seen any report of a rating for this latest Blue Fin Ltd. tranche yet so we’ll update you if or when that is announced.

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