Another M7.1 earthquake aftershock in Japan

by Artemis on April 11, 2011

Japan has suffered another M7.1 aftershock which has hit in the Fukushima area with the epicentre onshore. Buildings swayed in Tokyo where some train lines have been stopped and the runway at Narita airport was checked for damage. The Fukushima nuclear power plant was again evacuated and checks are being made for any damage.

A tsunami warning has been issued for some areas of Japan who have been told that it is possible that a tsunami of about 3ft in height could strike land in areas such as Ibaraki prefecture.

We’ll update this post if anything further comes to light.

Update 1: The tsunami warnings have all been cancelled by the Japanese authorities. The USGS have downgraded the quake intensity to an M6.6.

M7.1 aftershock location and shake map

M7.1 aftershock location and shake map

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