The catastrophe bond transactions issued during 2010

by Artemis on January 4, 2011

Here’s a useful list of all of the catastrophe bonds we have recorded as issued during the year 2010. Each deal is linked to our catastrophe bond deal directory where you can read more details on the transaction structure and cover provided by each cat bond. By our reckoning there were 26 deals issued about which information was made publicly available (there have been a number of private transactions this year to provide capacity for investors) and the 2010 total volume issued came to approximately $5.212 billion.

Issuer $ Risks covered Date
Green Fields Capital Ltd. (Series 2011-1) €75m French windstorms Dec 2010
Successor X Ltd. (Series 2011-1) $170m U.S. hurricanes in certain U.S. states and Puerto Rico, California and Australia earthquake risk Dec 2010
Montana Re Ltd. (Series 2010-1) $210m U.S. hurricane and earthquake, Japan typhoon and earthquake, European windstorm, Cayman Islands hurricane Dec 2010
Mariah Re Ltd. (Series 2010-2) $100m U.S. thunderstorms Dec 2010
Vega Capital Ltd. (Series 2010-1) $106.5m North Atlantic hurricane, European windstorm, Californian earthquake, Japanese earthquake and Japanese typhoon Dec 2010
Kortis Capital Ltd. $50m Longevity risks Dec 2010
Lodestone Re Ltd. Series 2010-2 $450m U.S. hurricanes and earthquakes Dec 2010
Vitality Re Ltd. $150m Medical benefit claims risk Dec 2010
Atlas Capital VI Ltd. (Series 2010-I) €75m European windstorms and Japanese earthquakes Dec 2010
Residential Reinsurance 2010 Ltd. (Series 2010-II) $300m U.S. hurricane, earthquake, severe thunderstorm, winter storm and wildfire Dec 2010
Mariah Re Ltd. Series 2010-1 $100m U.S. thunderstorms Nov 2010
Calypso Capital Ltd. €275m European windstorms within Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and the U.K. Oct 2010
Vita Capital IV Ltd. (Series III and IV) $175m Mortality risk Oct 2010
Green Valley Ltd. €100m French windstorms Sep 2010
Shore Re Ltd. $96m Massachusetts hurricane risks Jul 2010
Merna Reinsurance III Ltd. $250m U.S. hurricane, earthquake, severe thunderstorm, winter storm and wildfire Jun 2010
Residential Reinsurance 2010 Ltd. $405m U.S. hurricane, earthquake, severe thunderstorm, winter storm and wildfire Jun 2010
Blue Fin Ltd. $150m U.S. hurricane and earthquakes May 2010
EOS Wind Ltd. $80m U.S. hurricanes and European windstorms May 2010
Caelus Re II Ltd. $185m U.S. windstorms and earthquakes May 2010
Lodestone Re Ltd. $425m U.S. hurricanes and earthquakes May 2010
Johnston Re Ltd. $305m North Carolina area hurricanes May 2010
Ibis Re II Ltd. (Series 2010-1) $150m U.S. Gulf, East Coast and Hawaii windstorms May 2010
Merna Re II Ltd. $350m U.S. earthquakes Apr 2010
Successor X Ltd. (Series 2010-1) $120m U.S. hurricane and European windstorms Mar 2010
Foundation Re III Ltd. $180m U.S. hurricanes Jan 2010

Remember, for full details of catastrophe bond transactions just visit our Deal Directory.

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