Tropical depression 16 to affect Florida and U.S. East Coast with heavy rains

by Artemis on September 29, 2010

Sometimes tropical depressions get overlooked. Unless a storm gets a name they are often considered benign and not worth watching or being aware of. Tropical depression 16 is currently traversing Cuba and heading straight for Florida, it’s expected to become Tropical storm Nicole later today as it crosses the sea to Florida.

Now this storm doesn’t have life threatening winds, in fact it’s unlikely to make hurricane strength, but it is bringing a lot of almost monsoonal rain with it and is expected to drop between 4 and 8 inches of rain on parts of southern Florida.

It’s never going to trigger a catastrophe bond, but it will cause losses and impact insurers in the area.

Planalytics, Inc., a provider of business weather intelligence, said yesterday on Twitter that the storm is likely to have an even bigger impact by the time it reaches the east coast (it will cross Florida and then make a second landfall).

It is interesting how the smaller storms get overlooked sometimes.

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