Life & Longevity Markets Association signs up Morgan Stanley and UBS

by Artemis on July 22, 2010

Two new high profile members have signed up to the Life & Longevity Markets Association. Morgan Stanley and UBS have both joined as full members of the LLMA bringing their membership up to ten high profile financial organisations (AXA, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan, Legal & General, Pension Corporation, Prudential PLC, RBS, Swiss Re, Morgan Stanley and UBS).

The LLMA is a non-profit organisation who’s stated aim is to promote liquidity and standards in longevity and mortality risks. They are aiming to produce templates for standardised longevity risk products, an index which longevity can be traded against and models for valuation of the risks.

Having top tier financial institutions on board should help the LLMA ensure that their output is accepted by other market players. Hopefully we’ll see some output from their work soon.

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