Hurricane Bill to miss Bermuda, any turn to the west put’s the U.S. at risk

by Artemis on August 20, 2009

Hurricane Bill is continuing it’s journey through the atlantic, picking up speed and becoming more powerful all the time. Currently a category 4 storm Bill is carrying sustained winds of 135mph with higher gusts. Bill has become a very large storm with hurricane force winds extending up to 85 miles from the centre. So it’s a good job it looks likely to miss Bermuda completely!

The only land at risk of a landfall from Bill on it’s current forecast track is Canada’s Nova Scotia or Newfoundland. It is forecast to skirt the U.S. east coast and may bring rain and heavy seas to parts of New England. Any movement in Bill’s track needs to be watched closely though, as a deviation to the west could put Bill on course for the U.S. mainland. As unlikely as that looks right now, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on and insurers should be vigilant.

You can see hurricane Bill’s well defined eye and the size of the storm clearly in this satellite image.

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