Atlantic tropics look active; update on the latest 2009 hurricane season forecasts

by Artemis on May 18, 2009

The Atlantic Tropical Storm and Hurricane Season officially starts on the 1st of June. With less than two weeks to go we thought we’d give you an update on how some of the best respected forecasters see the threat from the 2009 season.

It seems that the Atlantic tropics could become active sooner than we thought as AccuWeather is discussing a storm which is forming in the Atlantic which they say could prove a threat to Florida, the storm is being monitored closely as it has the potential to form tropical characteristics. More on that storm here from AccuWeather.

Here’s the latest from some of the more highly respected forecasters:

#Tropical Storms #Hurricanes #Major Hurricanes
Colorado State University 12 6 2
Tropical Storm Risk 15 7.8 3.6
WSI Corporation 11 6 2
AccuWeather 10 6 2

The hurricane forecasters are predicting an average season, with an average number of tropical storms and hurricanes forming. However, just because the forecasts predict an average season does not mean that the reinsurance industry should sit back and relax, it’s not the number of storms that count, it’s the intensity and also importantly the direction they take. There can be a massive difference in loss potential from a storm if it takes a turn directly for a major city, or if it drives a storm surge over a levee at a direction which causes the most damage.

So as ever, reinsurers need to keep a close eye as the season progresses. You can keep updated on our 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season page.

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