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by Artemis on November 29, 2008

Browsing internet sites on mobile phones can sometimes be a painful experience. Mobile devices are becoming more and more capable and the speeds at which you can access the internet on your mobile is improving too. However, most websites are too large, designed for viewing on a PC and difficult to browse on mobile phones.

Many of the readers of Artemis will have Blackberry’s, Windows mobile devices, iPhones and other smartphones by manufacturers such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson. To make life easier for you to read this blog on the move I’ve created a theme for mobile users. The standard version of the blog will still be shown to all visitors using a PC.

If you visit the Artemis blog by typing into your mobile devices’ browser you will now get automatically redirected to a slimmed down version of the blog which will load more quickly and be easier to read on smaller screens. This should work for the majority of mobile devices but please do let me know if it doesn’t work for your particular device and I will try to rectify that.

The content of the blog is exactly the same so now you can never miss a post, read the blog while commuting to work on the train or just gain access to the blog when you’re not near a PC.

I hope you’ll find this new feature useful! As always we welcome your feedback. Below are a couple of screenshots showing how the blog looks on a mobile device.

The Artemis Blog as it will look on a standard mobile phone:

The Artemis Blog as it will look on a standard mobile device

The Artemis Blog as it will look on an iPhone:

The Artemis Blog as it will look on an iPhone

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