Tropical Storm Fay forms; heads for Cuba and Florida

by Artemis on August 16, 2008

The sixth named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season has formed between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic on Friday. Fay is currently heading over Hispaniola and will emerge back over the sea on a track for Cuba.

Currently packing 45mph winds Tropical Storm Fay has the potential to intensify when she emerges over the Caribbean Sea and could have time to get close to hurricane strength before crossing Cuba. From then on she could make her way towards the southern tip of Florida with time to strengthen further as she crosses the warm seas between Cuba and the Keys.

Forecast to produce rainfall amounts of 4 to 8 inches with locally higher amounts of up to 12 inches which could prove life-threatening in the south east of Cuba.

Keep a close eye on Fay’s progress as she has the potential to be the first land falling storm in Florida this year, and looking at the satellite image below her formation looks good for strengthening.

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