Risk modellers AIR Worldwide move to simplify cat bond analysis

by Artemis on August 13, 2008

AIR Worldwide have announced new releases of their CATRADER®, CLASIC/2TM and CATStation® software systems. A lot of the improvements made seem to hint at a move to significantly simplify the analysis and therefore the issuance of insurance linked securities and catastrophe bonds.

Version 10.0 improvements/additions include quicker import of insurance-linked securities, storage and querying of non-modeled global exposure data, expanded commercial policy terms and conditions, and substantially reduced run times.

“CATRADER is the industry standard application for analyzing catastrophe reinsurance and insurance-linked securities,” said Uday Virkud, P.E., executive vice president at AIR Worldwide. “In this release, investors can easily import a new catastrophe bond, including the bond’s structure and any associated exposures, in a single step. This enhancement will significantly reduce data entry errors and time spent setting up new bonds.”

Could we see a day in the future when issuing a catastrophe bond becomes as simple as it now is to buy weather risk cover? I’d like to see this kind of technology applied in an online environment, I’m unaware of any really detailed risk modelling tools that are accessible via the internet and such an advancement would really bring the technology to the masses.

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