Let It Snow turning into largest single-day weather coverage in history

by Artemis on July 18, 2008

itravel2000, the Canadian online travel agent, has been running a promotion since June called Let It Snow. The promotion promises to give customers their qualifying holidays for free if it snows 5 inches or more at Calgary, Halifax, Montreal or Toronto airports on New Years Day, January 1, 2009.

It’s been so successful for them so far that itravel2000 have managed to get more partners involved, the partners participating to date have all seen uplifts in sales of 30% or more. itravel2000 are claiming that this is the largest single-day weather coverage in history (at $100m). Weatherbill provide the technology and financial acumen to back the deal up with weather derivatives.

Very good to hear of the success of this deal as it is helping to promote innovative forms of weather risk protection around the world.

itravel2000 press release.

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