Weather Risk Management Association announces President and Board changes

by Artemis on June 24, 2008

The Weather Risk Management Association (WRMA) have announced their annual changes to the board and president of the association following their annual meeting. Every year they invite new members to the board and change the presidency based on member elections.

In the latest changes the following new board members have been elected for two years; Jens Boening of WeatherBill UK Ltd., Felix Carabello of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Stephen Doherty of Speedwell Weather, Martin Malinow of Galileo Weather Risk Management and William Windle of RenRe Investment.

The following will remain on the Board as Directors for terms of one year; Philippe Chauvancy of BlueNext, Jean Christophe Garaix of Paris Re, Gearóid Lane of Centrica plc, and Sandeep Ramachandran of Swiss Re.

The newly elected President is a well known and long standing figure in the weather community, Martin Malinow of Galileo Weather Risk Management. Jens Boening of WeatherBill has been elected Vice President; and William Windle of RenRe Investment has been elected Secretary/Treasurer. Gearóid Lane of Centrica plc (the incumbent president) moves to the position of Immediate Past President. Warren Isom of Willis Re, long-time Secretary/Treasurer of WRMA, has stepped down from the Board.

It’s great to see the WRMA Board continue to contain some of the most well recognised names in the weather trading market. I’d really like to see them take a higher profile approach though and begin to publicise the market better as their activity does seem to have slowed in recent years.

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