Cayman Islands would like to be cat bond domicile of choice

by Artemis on June 5, 2008

A lot of catastrophe bonds and reinsurance sidecars are domiciled within the Cayman Islands. At the islands recent budget address measures were announced with the aim of further developing the reinsurance sector.

Examples of deals with a Cayman heritage include sidcars the (very) recent Nelson Re 2008-I, Nelson Re 2007, Zenkyorens cat bond SPV Muteki Ltd., Chubbs East Lane Re II, Brits Fremantle Ltd., Travelers Longpoint Re, Zurichs Lakeside Re, Libertys Mystic Re, Fondens CAT-Mex, Montpeliers Champlain etc. The list goes on so I suggest you check out our Deal Directory for details on all of these Cayman domiciled deals.

Could they be the next Bermuda?

Full article available here.

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