Innovative weather risk protection for cotton growers

by Artemis on April 25, 2008

Americot Inc., the second largest cotton seed company in the Southwest region in market share, has an innovative way to help growers of its cotton seeds share their weather risk.

Their ‘replant program’ allows any grower with a field planted with an Americot or NexGen cotton variety, that has to be replanted with an Americot or NexGen variety in the same season due to weather damage, to be eligible for a 100% reimbursement of the suggested retail price of the originally planted seed.

Ideas such as this are great ways to help an end user of a product protect themselves against the weather. One would imagine that Americot has a pretty good weather policy or derivative in place to protect themselves against issues of weather and to pass on some level of protection to their customers is a great way to lift their brand in the eyes of the consumers.

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