2007 natural catastrophe report published by Munich Re

by Artemis on April 10, 2008

Munich Re have published their report on natural catastrophes in 2007 ‘Topics Geo Natural Catastrophes 2007‘ today. The report details all the major natural catastrophes from the past year and also contains information on:

  • Monsoon season
  • North Atlantic hurricanes
  • Catastrophe portraits from Europe, U.S., Oman, Australia, UK and Japan
  • The World Climate Conference in Bali
  • Living with climate change
  • NatCat Service figures for the year

Insured losses from natural catastrophes totaled $30 billion in 2007 and there were 960 events recorded (this is the highest Munich Re has recorded since it started its database in 1974).

The report also highlights the impacts being felt by emerging countries such as India and the increase in losses felt. The focus on the monsoon season shows a real need for rainfall protection in India as they now experience a third more days of severed monsoon rainfall than they did in 1950.

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